Retail Organized Crime

Securing the Retail Environment: How Security Guards Can Combat Organized Crime

Organized crime has long been a thorn in the side of law enforcement agencies and retail businesses alike. From theft to extortion and everything in between, the impact of organized crime can be devastating.

However, security guards can play a crucial role in deterring and combating organized crime in retail environments, both conventionally and unconventionally. 

Conventional ways in which security guards can help prevent and combat organized crime include the following: 

  1. Surveillance: Security guards can monitor areas of the environment where retail organized crime is likely to occur, such as stockrooms, loading docks, and high-value merchandise displays. By using CCTV cameras and other monitoring tools, they can observe suspicious behavior and report it to law enforcement officials. 
  1. Physical Security: Security guards can help prevent theft and other forms of organized crime by implementing physical security measures such as access control, locks, and alarms. They can also conduct regular patrols of the retail environment to ensure that these measures are in place and functioning correctly. 
  1. Training: Security guards can receive specialized training in detecting and preventing organized crime. They can learn how to recognize the signs of theft and other illegal activities and how to respond appropriately. 

According to a report by the National Retail Federation, the presence of security guards can deter crime and reduce the risk of violence in retail environments. In a survey of retailers, 63% reported that they had seen a reduction in theft since hiring security guards. 

However, security guards can also help prevent and combat organized crime in unconventional ways. These include: 

  1. Building Relationships: Security guards can build relationships with customers and employees, creating a sense of community within the retail environment. This can discourage organized crime by creating a culture of trust and mutual respect. 
  1. Intelligence Gathering: Security guards can gather intelligence on organized crime activities in the retail environment. By talking to employees and customers, they can learn about potential threats and suspicious behavior. 
  1. Communication: Security guards can communicate with law enforcement officials and other security personnel to share information about potential threats and suspicious activity. This can help prevent and disrupt organized crime activities in the retail environment. 

In a report by the Security Industry Association, security guards were identified as an important source of information and intelligence in the fight against organized crime. 

Organized crime can be a serious threat to retail businesses, but security guards can play a crucial role in preventing and combating it. By using conventional and unconventional methods, they can help create a safe and secure retail environment for customers and employees alike. 


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