Security Guard Companies

Creating an Effective Plan for Guards and Incident Management in Retail

Essential Steps for Security Guard Companies

Here are some steps security guard companies can take to create a plan for guards and incident management when working for a large retailer:  

    • Conduct a thorough assessment of the retailer’s security needs: Before creating a plan for guards and incident management, security guard companies should comprehensively assess the retailer’s security needs. This includes evaluating the store layout, foot traffic, potential security risks, and specific requirements of the retailer’s loss prevention department.


    • Develop clear policies and procedures: Guard companies should develop clear policies and procedures for guards and incident management based on the assessment. These policies and procedures should cover everything from guard deployment and their specific roles and responsibilities during an incident and the reporting requirements.


    • Provide thorough training: Security guard companies should ensure that all guards receive comprehensive training on the policies and procedures, as well as on the specific requirements of the retailer. This can include training on handling difficult customers, responding to different types of incidents, and using any specialized equipment or technology that may be required.


    • Establish communication protocols: Security guard companies need to establish clear communication protocols for guards and incident management. This can include setting up regular check-ins between guards and their supervisors, providing guards with radios or other communication devices, and ensuring a transparent chain of command for incident response.


    • Continuously review and update the plan: Guard companies should constantly review and update the plan for guards and incident management to ensure that it remains effective and relevant over time. This can involve conducting regular audits, soliciting feedback from guards and the retailer, and making changes to address new security threats or other challenges.  



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