Hurricane Checklist

Hurricane Checklist for Security Guard Companies: Ensuring Safety and Protection during Severe Weather

As a security guard company, your responsibility extends beyond safeguarding commercial spaces to ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants during hurricane events. To assist you in fulfilling this vital role, we present the Essential Hurricane Checklist for Security Guard Companies. This comprehensive and downloadable resource serves as an indispensable guide, offering essential guidelines to effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from hurricanes. With a focus on mitigating risks, maintaining situational awareness, and coordinating emergency response efforts, this checklist equips security guard companies with the necessary steps to safeguard both property and lives. By following this checklist, you can enhance your hurricane preparedness strategies, train your personnel effectively, and provide a higher level of protection to your clients and their assets. Download this invaluable resource to strengthen your capabilities as a security partner during severe weather events, and ensure the safety and security of the facilities you serve.

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National Security Guard Provider

Maximizing ROI and Efficiency For Retail Loss Prevention Departments Using National Security Guard Providers in 2023

There are several potential financial and operational benefits that a national retail company’s loss prevention department may realize by using a national security guard provider in 2023:

  • Cost savings: Depending on the specific agreement with the security guard provider, a national retail company may be able to save on the cost of recruiting, hiring, and training its own in-house security personnel. Additionally, a national security guard provider may be able to negotiate better rates for bulk contracts and provide more cost-effective solutions for managing security across multiple locations.
  • Improved operational efficiency: By outsourcing security to a national security guard provider, the loss prevention department can focus on other core activities such as investigating and preventing theft, improving store operations, and developing strategies to reduce inventory shrink. This can result in increased productivity, better use of resources, and a more streamlined operation.
  • Access to specialized expertise: National guard companies may have specialized expertise in areas such as risk assessment, emergency response, and technology solutions that may not be available in-house. By partnering with a national provider, the loss prevention department can tap into this expertise and benefit from best practices and the latest security technologies.
  • Greater scalability: As a national retail company expands its operations and opens new locations, a security guard provider can provide the flexibility and scalability needed to meet changing security needs. A national provider can quickly deploy trained security personnel to new locations and provide consistent service across all locations, regardless of geography.

Overall, using a national guard company can provide significant financial and operational benefits to a national retail company’s loss prevention department in 2023. However, it’s important to carefully consider the costs and benefits and select a reputable provider that can meet the specific needs of the company.

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RSS Client Portal And Mobile Site

The desktop RSS Client Portal serves as an information hub for all clients to view work order statuses in real-time. The mobile version has the added capability of placing security guard service requests via a mobile device.

Features and benefits of The RSS Client Portal include:

Intuitive Work Order Dashboard Design
Reduce Information Redundancies
Increase Your Team’s Efficiency
– Increase Time Efficiency
Gain Easy Access To Centralized Information

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Another Successful PRS, RSS, RMS “Back To School Supply Drive” 2020

The affiliated group of companies, Professional Retail Services (PRS)Retail Security Services (RSS), and Retail Mechanical Services (RMS), come together once more to help out within the community by donating school supplies to a local school district.

Medford, New York: Every July, for over ten years, the companies have come together to kick-start the “Back-to-School Supplies Drive,” where people could either drop off supplies or order designated items to be shipped directly to the corporate office. Once the items were received, they were repackaged into a bundle that included every item on the back to school list; ensuring a full package per student.

This year, it is a little different due to the pandemic and the uncertainty as to whether schools will open in the fall or if remote learning will be required.

Contrary to the arrangements in previous years, the affiliated group of companies will completely fund this year’s drive and not ask for employee, friend or family contributions. A gift card will be given to the school district so that all purchases can be made online and shipped directly to the school.  This method will ensure we are adhering to the CDC protocols and keeping both the students and staff safe.

Kathleen Larmour, Vice President of PRS and President of RSS and RMS, stated the following when her executive team asked her if there would be a back-to-school drive this year: “We have donated every year to this school district for the past ten years. This year should be no different. Whether schools are opened or operating as remote learning, children need supplies; they depend on these resources.”

By the end of August, all school supplies will be on location and given to students so that they have them in hand before the start of the fall semester.




William Floyd School District gets all Angel Tree gift requests fulfilled, thanks to three Long Island-based companies.

Professional Retail Services (PRS)Retail Security Services (RSS), and Retail Mechanical Services (RMS) step out of the facility maintenance sector this holiday season to help local families fulfill holiday requests for the sixth year in a row.

Medford, New York: Professional Retail Services (PRS), Retail Security Services (RSS), and Retail Mechanical Services (RMS) today announced the donation of over 3k dollars’ worth of toys for the William Floyd School District for their Angel Tree list. This initiative was led by Kathleen Larmour, President of PRS, RSS, and RMS, with participation from Danielle Procida, Director of Finance of PRS, RSS, and PRS.

“A child should not miss out on unwrapping a gift during the holidays, and if we as a community can bring a bit of holiday magic to a child and a light heart to a struggling parent this holiday season, we should,” says Kathleen Larmour, President of PRS, RSS, and RMS. “In the words of Mother Theresa, ‘It’s not how much we give but how much LOVE we put into giving.’ ”

“I find joy in giving joy to others, and within the group, I feel we share that sentiment,” says Danielle Procida, Director of Finance at PRS, RSS & RMS.

“The gifts from the holiday Angel Tree list were fulfilled, and we hope it brings a smile to a child’s face because, in that instance, we are fulfilled as parents, executives, and as humans.”

Angel Tree lists are requests for specific gifts from families whose financial hardship prevents them from purchasing holiday gifts for their children. The group of companies acquires a yearly Angel Tree list and purchases the requested gifts; this year, it was for the William Floyd School District. The purchases were picked up from the affiliated companies’ corporate offices on December 16, 2019, for distribution to the families on December 20, 2019, at the Family Service League in Shirley, New York. PRS, RSS & RMS have made this “Holiday Angel Tree” drive an annual event, making this year’s participation number six. This is one of many charitable drives that all three companies donate and volunteer throughout the year.

Three Long Island Companies Unite To Feed 2500 Suffolk People This Thanksgiving.

What started as a community project six years ago for Danielle Procida, Director of Finance at Retail Security Services, has now turned into a company-wide tradition for all three companies.

Medford, New York, November 27- Professional Retail Services (PRS), Retail Security Services (RSS), and Retail Mechanical Services (RMS) are a group of affiliated Long Island-based national facility service companies. The three entities have teamed up for the third year in a row to have a Thanksgiving food drive.

This year, the food drive has collected enough food to feed 2,500 people; the food was distributed earlier this week to six locations: Miller Place School District, William Floyd School District, HELP Suffolk, Lighthouse Mission, The Veterans Place in Yaphank and, Haven House Bridges in Huntington. Kathleen Larmour, president and founder of all three companies, had this to say to her employees and donors,

“My heart is beaming with love and thankfulness. I truly believe that there is enough food in this world that no one should ever be hungry. People like you guys give me hope that we can get to a point for that to happen.Kathleen Larmour, President

The PRS, RSS, and RMS annual Thanksgiving food drive is funded through the donations of all three corporate offices and voluntary contributions from PRS, RSS, and RMS employees, family and the public. The drive is designed to provide a full Thanksgiving meal to local families who would otherwise go without one.